How to Use Variables in Corporate Document Templates


In StepShot Guides, variables are names/values that are often repeated throughout your corporate document templates including those required by the brand guidelines (e.g. Company Name, Company Email).
Repetitive values are inserted in the exported document automatically, that is your output files are automatically aligned with the corporation documents branding. While exporting the document, you will be able to choose which set of variables you want to use in the particular guide.
To start working with variables, go to:
1) “View” menu;
2) click on “Variables“.
Here you can:
1) Find the list of sets by clicking on “Variables Set“. “Dummy Set” appears by default.
2,3) Variable Name (2) is something you can denote in a guide for corporation documents branding. After an export, it is automatically transformed into the Value (3) you’ve assigned to it beforehand.
– On the Variables menu, curly brackets {} are added automatically. Don’t forget to type them together with the Variable Name in the Guides mode. Otherwise, the Value won’t be substituted.
– It is impossible to create two or more variables with the same names.
– It is also possible to use variables inside a step title or step description in your corporate document templates
4) Leave comments for yourself.
5) You are able to edit (see the next screenshot) or 6) delete your sets.
7) To add a new set, for example, for brand guidelines, click on “Create Set“.
Write up-to-date information while editing/creating sets. To delete a variable, press on the red cross in the right corner of the “Comment” column (1). To add a variable, click on a free square in the “Variable Name” column (2). Save the changes (3).
1) To apply a set of variables to your StepShot Guides corporation document templates, choose the one you need from the “Select variable set to apply on export” list.
2) Click on “Next“.
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